This flood is coming closer and closer and it’s really pissing off a lot of Thai residents, local and foreign alike. Just this morning (November 7, 2011), the waters have reached certain parts of northern Bangkok and north east Bangkok. The government has no fucking clue what they are doing and everyone is pretty much on the constant verge of starting a civil war over where the water should be distributed.

Regardless of that my friend Marcus B. and I had already planned a deep sea fishing trip from a while back. With the deposit money already put in, we were given a tough choice: stay and protect the house while the deposit money goes to waste or leave your home to the potential mercy of the flood while going on a deep sea fishing trip away from it all for a weekend. Six out of ten of us decided take that risk and escape. We all lived in relatively low to medium risk zones of the city so three days away at sea would be a good way to ease out minds.

So, plenty of food, beer and other types of booze we set off on our trip. Last Friday night, we set off from a big fishing boat in Pattaya and traveled seven hours into the Gulf of Thailand in the darkness. The only thing visible in that onyx sky were other fishing boats shining through the darkness with their piercing bright squid lights.

The entire trip produced a lot less fish than usual. Instead of the traditional 200-300kg bounty, we only ended up with a little under 20kg of fish meat to share between the six of us. The highlight of our catch were two beautiful king mackerel each of about 120cm in length. Then there were three cobias, some bare breast jack, some pompana, three bat fish and plenty of other random small fish caught on squid pieces.

But hey, we still got to do some bonding and good drinking on board while eating really good food. My new friend Tsar, cooked us some amazing chili con carne for dinner one night that lasted for about three more meals. The flavours were further accentuated by the copious amount of chopped bacon and whole tomatoes. On the other hand, I got busy with my Japanese sashimi knives tasting out what almost every fish tasted raw.

On our way back to Pattaya I cooked up eight chunky pieces of bare breast jack fillets in beer batter. I made sure to mix the perfect ratio of beer, cake flour, corn flour and eggs to create a batter that was both golden and crispy at the same time. The result: a fantastic dish of steaming hot soft flaky white fish encased in a golden shell that crunch with every bite.

Thanks for the fun times fellas, it was friggin awesome and I hope you are all safe from this stupid ass flood.






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10 Responses to Deep Sea Fishing Trip 2011: Gulf Of Thailand [Pics]

  1. Paddy says:

    Hey Oz!
    Nice photos of a great trip! Hope to do it again sometime…

  2. Alex West says:

    Absolutely! Kudos to the Chef on Board for some good Sashimis and batter!

  3. crystallinesheen says:

    Glad ya’ll had fun. I absolutely agree on the sashimi, there is nothing better than just cutting out a chunk of raw fish and eating on the spot.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Oz,

    Nice catches. I believe the fishes Chris is holding up is called a Selar in Malaysia.

    Thanks to the ever informative Wikipedia, it’s also known as the Bigeye Scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) which is an oceanic fish that is found around the globe in tropical regions. Some refer to it as the Yellow Banded Scad.

    There are numerous recipes and ways to cook the Selar but the most common,imho…is to deep fry it. After the fish is gutted and descaled, give it a good rub with curry powder and/or tumeric powder and/or tamarind(with a pinch of sugar). As you can see, the possibilities are endless…. and deep fry it for about 15-20 minutes.

    Once it’s cooked and on a serving platter, give it a dash of light soy sauce and VOILA….instant gratification to some :D

    By the way, Thai chillies swimming in light soy sauce is a damn good partner for that dish! Haha

    Cheers Oz!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      haha thanks man! In Thai we call them ปลาสีขน pronounced, “plaa si kon” literally meaning “feather-coloured fish”.

      Thanks for the eating recommendations haha. I found that this fish was by far the tastiest raw!

  5. Celia says:

    “Paddy pulled this out this strange fish with a sabiki rig”

    This fish is called a Remora…or what we call a “bata” fish..from the sucker family….really greedy fishes that eats almost everything…always swimming around the boats waiting for us to throw unwanted baits into the sea..

    Not edible and next time try sticking this fella on the outside of the boat…

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