Bungsamran Flloded

Photo taken Nov 12, 2011 by Siamfishing user Kani

Fishing is really addictive. Ask any serious fisherman what it’s like to go on a long period without a fix and they’ll tell you it’s pretty bad. Heck, I think that secretly all fishermen have the capacity to become axe murderers once the frustration of not getting to fish kicks in.

Even with the waters at Bungsamran constantly rising and falling between flooded and not flooded these guys are still going out there to get their fishing down.

So is BSR flooded? The answer is not anymore as they have recently purchased a huge water pump to keep the water levels down. The roads leading to BSR, on the otherhand, is still flooded and inaccessible to low-rider cars.

View the entire photo set here.

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6 Responses to Bungsamran Was Flooded But Fishing Still On

  1. Jeremy says:

    LOL…i know exactly how the addiction feels. I had to attend a wedding and took half a day to sneak in some fishing at a pay pond!

    6kg Barras on 6lb light tackle is was too much fun!!!

  2. joe says:

    yes sir addicted and havent had my fix recently……………………………. good fishing Oz, Jackie and I will be back in early 2012 for sure!

  3. Diana says:

    it’s a very healthy addiction… hope there will be more addicts in this field…:))

  4. David says:

    Just had my fix 8 Barras and a huge Pacu all that fun for 150 bht.Can anyone guess were?

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