I’ve been receiving a lot of messages and emails asking about the status of the fishing ponds in Bangkok during the floods and I figured that to answer all your questions I’ll write a list of some of popular Bangkok ponds and their status during this shitty situation. I’m telling you guys and gals, it really wasn’t fun calling everyone knowing that they had a chance of being effected by what is arguably the worst flood in Thai history. I hope for the best for those that are effected, fishing pond owners and everyone. Let’s all go pay these ponds a visit when the flood is over to shower them with some business.

Anyway, here are the statuses of the ponds:


Amazon BKK: Flooded but their new pond in Nakhon Pathom is still dry (will write about it when floods are over).

Bor Num: Dry.

Bungsamran: Dry but their street is flooded so drive there with caution.

Chok Anun: Dry.

Ngaonam (Shadow Lake): Flooded.

Pilot 111: Dry.

Sakuna: Dry.

Texas Chuan Chom: Flooded.


*If you have a pond you’d like me to check out for you give me their name (or possibly their number) and I’ll try and check it out for you.

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4 Responses to Bangkok Fishing Ponds Effected By The Flood

  1. Diana Foo says:

    great job…:)))

  2. Kevin says:

    I second what Diana said and would like to add….WELL DONE!

    My trip to BKK is just around the corner and unless Suvarnabhumi airport is flooded, the few of us will still be making the trip to the land of smiles 🙂

    Two questions though, how badly flooded is the street/s leading to Bsr and do you think the taxi drivers will wanna risk driving us there? If Bsr is accessible, dry and fishable, we’re gonna do just that….FISH!

    Once again, thanks Oz for the updates. Will check in with you in a week or two’s time to see if the situation has improved.

    Stay dry buddy.

  3. Alex West says:

    Oh no, you forgot ‘Lake Charlie’ from the list.

    Lake Charlie : Dry

    hehe, I should know!

  4. darryl says:

    Hi.Hopeing you can help me out.I/m comeing to Bangkok soon for just a week.And looking for the name’s of placer’s that can have what I want.Am a fisherman.wanting to get BIG-BIG-SIZE-FISH.IN-Siamese-Giant-Carp.And Grant-Snakehead-Fish.Al in one day.If I can.But in 2-day’s If I really have to.As only in bangkok for 3-day.With lot’s to see be-for I go back home to Aust.With not much time to do this all in.Thank-You.Hope you can help me out.Bye-from darryl in Aust…

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