giant snakehead caught on Ribbit Frog at Pilot 111

giant snakehead caught on Ribbit Frog at Pilot 111

This past Saturday the 8th of October I went to Pilot 111 with Doc again. This time it was just the two of us as the rest of the Bangkokhookers were doing other things like taking care of their families or baking cakes for corporate people as per usual.

It was a rainy day throughout the entire morning but that didn’t stop Doc and I from doing what we went there to do. Luckily, Doc packed along two plastic rain ponchos in his tackle box so we at least kept our heads and torsos mostly dry throughout the entire ordeal.

After setting up we walked to our usual giant snakehead pond in the far left. That’s where we filmed the “Giant Snakehead Frenzy” video a few weeks back. However, thanks to the rain we weren’t getting the frenzy we were hoping for. At the same pond Boy of was there and he told me that, thanks to the rain the visibility was too low and there was too much sound from the rain drops to confuse the fish as to where to hunt. His solution was to switch to loud vibration lures and it worked magnificently for his guests. Unfortunately, I’d lost my last vibration lure two weeks ago and was getting no bite whatsoever.

Soon after Doc and I relocated to the other giant snakehead pond (the one near the entrance) where we were the only ones fishing as everyone was at the aforementioned pond. And boy were we lucky to relocate. While the snakeheads in the first pond were charging at things underwater, the snakeheads at the second pond were going completely apeshit for topwater lures. The giant snakeheads in the second pond were aggressively driving the baitfish to the surface and having a a proper frenzy which made it absolutely ideal for the new chest strap for my camera. I did really well with the Daeng Duad Frog clip and a black Ribbit frog.

Unfortunately, thanks to the abundance of rain there was always some water on the camera. Doc said that the Floridians had a name for rain that was more tourist friendly: “Liquid Sunshine”. It did have a pretty nice ring to it and if you think about it, getting showered in liquid sunshine paints a happier picture than sad soaking rain. So, here it is folks, a video of Liquid Sunshine And Snakeheads:

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2 Responses to Liquid Sunshine And Snakeheads [HD Video]

  1. Alex West says:

    Awesome! One fish after another. Doc looks cute in his blue dress…HAHA!

  2. crystallinesheen says:

    Oz, your new chest cam harness is really working well (aside from the rain on the lens, but it didn’t screw up the video that bad.) Glad ya’ll beat the elements and got in some good snakehead fishing!

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