Striped snakehead caught on Slider worm

Striped snakehead caught on Slider worm

The Texas rig is a very effective way to catch predatory fish in Thailand especially in shallow and weedy areas and when done right the hook-up is always extremely solid. I have personally caught striped snakeheads, Asian red tail catfish, giant snakeheads and even tilapia with this fishing method. The Texas rig set up will be explained in further detail in a separate post. This post will concern a simple retrieve method that allows for Texas rigged paddle tail worm to get some serious bites. The detail for how to set this up will be in another post.

The worm used in this example is a Charlie Brewer’s 3″ slider worm, a very popular lure choice for this particular method of fishing.

Step 1 Cast the lure out into the shallow area.

Step 2 Retrieve very slowly while keeping the rod tip up.

Step 3 Occasionally you will feel “bumps” as the lure hits submerged obstacles like rocks, fallen branches and weeds. If your worm has been rigged correctly it should simple bounce off these obstacles.

Step 4Keep reeling until you feel a significantly stronger bump. These bumps will be about twice as hard as a regular one and it is the indication that a fish has taken the worm. A successful Texas rig fisherman is one who can easily identify these bites. Some species will actually release a lot of air when they make their bite causing bubbles to rise to the surface so keep this little caveat of information in mind. An Asian redtail catfish will

just take off with the lure so it is very important to lower the rod immediately.

Step 5 Immediately lower the rod and allow for the fish to swim away with the lure. Sometimes it wouldn’t swim away and just stay there while chewing the worm so one way to go about it is to tighten the line and wiggle the line with your finger tips. This is done to see if the fish is still there as well as simulate a struggling prey.

Step 6 Now that you’ve waited at least two to three seconds for the fish to drag the line out or chew on the worm, snap your rod back to give it a good hookset.

Step 7 Fight the fish and bring it in.


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6 Responses to How To Texas Rig In Thailand – Retrieve [HD Video]

  1. Jeremy says:

    What rod and setup is that? looks pretty nice!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hi Jeremy and thank you 🙂 That’s a 7 feet medium-light action rod from some brand called “Pass” that I picked up during a trip to Malaysia and it’s been my go-to rod for this method of fishing since.

  2. joe says:

    nice video oz, didnt know texas rigging worked so well out here! next time jax and i come to town we need to try some lure fishing too, sweet hook set btw

  3. tom says:

    caught my first snakehead on lure with this video help ace thanks lots.then i was looking round the internet and found the worlds only moveing live real rubber worm beats live worm 3 to 1 but there in am lol.

  4. tom says:

    take no notice about that website in my last post its all a big con i nerly bought them lmao.but thanks for the video on how to use a texas rig i caught my first 2 snakeheads on lure ace ( :

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