Onn Baan Naab Frog

Onn Baan Naab Frog

Item name: Gob Onn Baan Baab (Literally the “Onn Baan Naab Frog”.

Item type: Hard-bodied frog lure lure

Sizes: 4.5cm and 5cm

Price: B150

Description: At a glance this little hand-carved wooden frog lure really doesn’t look like much at all but this little lure is getting almost as much as quadruple its retail price at the Thai online fishing auctions. Anyone trying to buy it for its original retail price can forget about it, there’s at least a three-month waiting list. The lure started getting a real big buzz a few month when the fisherman of Kaeng Krajan were posting photos of many striped snakeheads and some giant snakeheads caught using this lure. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a go after my friend Sebastiaan tried it out and confirmed its ability to catch fish.

I recently got a hold of a 5cm version via the siamfishing.com auction last week for B700.

Upon a closer inspection it really is a simple but beautiful lure. The lacquer and the paint job is done very delicately. It is surprisingly heavier than other wooden frogs of the same size and upon talking to the distributor, who took it apart to examine the make, I found out why: the lure had a little too much lead in its body causing it to sink when not moving, something unheard of iwith other wooden frog lures. As a result, the added weight gave it two extra attributes: (1) extra casting distance and (2) a unique swim action when retrieved.

This topwater frog lure in Thailand is categorised as a “gob kradod” (literally “jumping frog). When retrieved steadily, the head of the frog lure tilts up and then down causing a splash on the water’s surface. However, because of the heavier weight, the Onn Baan Naab Frog slaps that water at a higher frequency while not causing splashes to be too big thus triggering strikes more often.

One problem I did find with this lure was is weed guard. As two thin plastic sticks, the weed guard of this frog often times failed and would snag the frog up making me more cautious about casting into the thick stuff.

So far I find that this is a pretty fantastic lure for striped snakehead but unless you’re a collector for exotic Thai lures I’m sure there are many other hand-carved frog lures that would also do the trick.


  • The lure is simple yet very beautiful.
  • The lure sinks when it is neutral.
  • For a small lure it has excellent casting distance.
  • The heavier weight creates a more frequent up-down movement.
  • The weed guard could be a little stronger.
  • The price and scarcity of this lure is a little over the top and there are cheaper lures out there that also catches striped snakeheads.



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4 Responses to Gear Review: Onn Baan Naab Frog

  1. Tim Tee says:

    Ok, thanks for un-doing my jealousy then 🙂 Do you have a recommendation for a lure that is easily available & lower price?

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      haha yeah but I am still happy that I now own two of them. They are reminders of the fact that I won an auction once (or got duped into paying too much for a lure lol.

      Yes I do have a recommendation for similar lures. The Tee Lampang Frog costs 200 baht, comes in 4.5cm and 5.5cm and does the same thing. It is more readily available but still it can get hard to find because it’s also hand-made and low in stock.

  2. John says:

    Would this lure work on the Australian Murray cod?

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