Spearfishing Thailand Flood 2011

Spearfishing Thailand Flood 2011


The floods have yet to reach downtown Bangkok but the outskirts are starting to get inundated. Courtesy of the flood, many fish are escaping the reservoirs and fish farms and making their way to the capital. As a result, a crap load of people have taken up freshwater spearfishing. Combining some rubber tubing, a rifle butt, some wood, a fishing reel and a mini metal harpoon, some people have created make-shift spear guns to shoot at the fish passing them by in the river and the canals. Click on the link below to view more pictures taken from from Siamfishing.com user โล่ครับ.

Check out his full album here.



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One Response to Flooding in Bangkok: Spearfishing Becomes Popular

  1. Alex West says:

    Opportunists or just pure Survival Instinct…all is fair.

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