I don’t know about you guys but when I have two weekends in a row where I don’t catch any fish while out lure fishing I get a little more motivated than usual. Yes, I am aware that I caught some big Mekongs at Bungsamran with Joe and Jacqui of www.fishaddix.com but I am talking about the past two trips to Bang Prah reservoir where no fish were landed and as a result I feel even more excited and motivated to go out there again to break my zero. Bang Prah and its giant snakeheads have become my equivalent of Ahab’s Moby Dick.

Thus, I have spent all my free-time in the office this week shopping online for new lures to update my arsenal (you know, because it is always easier to blame the gear than the fisherman! LOL). I made some phonecalls to www.parknumfishing.com, the Kanom Shop to place some orders and also placed some online auction bids on www.siamfishing.com. Today (Friday), all my items have arrived and I am ready for another fun day at the reservoir tomorrow.

Without further adieu, here the new members of the Bangkokhooker Arsenal (individual reviews to come after actual field testing):


Rage Tail by Strike King Lure Co. – Kanom Shop

Rage Tail by Strike King

Rage Tail by Strike King, hook and split ring not included.

There are soft plastic frogs and then there are the Rage Tails. Slightly bigger than your average soft plastic frog, the Rage Tail is designed to fit onto a 5/0 hook. It is equipped with fatter legs than your average frog and it kicks up as much water as a buzz-bait.


Buzzin Storm V.3 (Size L and M) by Moby Lure – Parknam Fishing

Buzzin Storm V.3 Moby Lure

Buzzin Storm V.3 by Moby Lure

Here’s a locally made buzzbait that has a larger lure head than most other buzzbaits allowing for better balance and casting distance. Unlike the cheaper variety, this one actually has a proper loop in it so that the line or the snap swivel wouldn’t slide around every time you cast.


Khob Onn Baan Naab (Literally Onn from Baan Naab’s Frog)

Onn Baan Naab Frog

Onn Baan Naab Frog

This is something a little more interesting. This hand-carved wooden frog was an accidental success. Onn, the sole maker of the lure, created this lure without much thought from his home in Roi-Et Province, little did he know that his formula would catch so many damn snakeheads due to its unique swimming pattern. It was originally sold for about B100-150 but now has sold at online auctions for prices as high as B1,000!


I’ll right more about these lures extensively after some good field testing, to anyone who is going fishing this weekend: TIGHT MUTHER F**KING LINES MY FELLOW HOOKERS!!!

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3 Responses to Online Shopping Overkill

  1. Tim Tee says:

    Now I’m getting jealous about the frog lure. Isn’t Onn making them anymore? 🙂

  2. steve simms says:

    i have read all your blogs since living here for the past six months,tried most of the ponds you have in the blogs too,i can say that your comments and experience has been of great value and help to me,i would like to thank you for all your hours of time and experience given.
    its a hole new experience in thai and i had a great shock on my first few visits to my local ponds with the aggression and fight of the fish,you did warn me ha ha.
    just a quicky,can you give me the address of Bang Prah reservoir you mentioned please.prices etc please.keep up the great work.
    steve from u.k

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hi Steve and thanks for reading.

      Here’re the GPS Coordinates 13.219809,100.99112. The number for the boat operator is 0865459532, his name is Somkuan and you need to call him a few days in advance to book a boat. Boat price is about 350 for half day and 700 for full day (I think).

      Always tip your boat rower at least a B100 since they don’t make much for paddling you all day. I usually give them B200 for a full day’s worth paddling and more if I land a trophy fish.

      Please practice responsible catch and release.


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