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The problem with filming and fishing is that filming usually takes hands and with both hands already on the rod the fisherman isn’t really left with enough units to operate a camera. Also, when you go fishing with friends no one really wants to spend their time filming when they can be fishing instead. So to solve this problem, about a year ago, I bought myself a GoPro camera to film my fishing trips. The GoPro came with a head strap allowing me to film with my head instead while having two free hands to fish. This seemed good in theory but I soon encountered a few problems:

  • despite being a small camera it eventually put a strain on the neck,
  • not being able to see the camera, it becomes difficult to aim or know if it is still recording,
  • and being on the head of a fisherman constantly looking around for rising fish meant that stability was constantly compromised.

Then, a few weeks ago I got myself a new toy: the GoPro chest mount. At B1,750, I eliminated all the problems I had previously encountered. No more shakiness, no more neck strain and much easier to control camera aim.

Here is a video I made of my first test run of the camera on my morning cycle to my Bangkok office. I think I’ll go and explore some neighbourhoods like this in the future so if you have any ‘hoods in Bangkok that needs filming let me know. I look forward to unleashing this new toy on the snakeheads.

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8 Responses to My New Toy – The GoPro Chest Mount [HD Video]

  1. Kevin says:

    Chest harness is definitely THE better option!Waiting for mine to arrive :)

    Friggin’ hell Oz, are you staying in a 5 star hotel or do all BKK condos look like that? I think I’m gonna relocate my ass to BKK!

    If it was me, I’d ditch the ringer bell bro….soOoOOOoO not macho! I’m pretty sure you’d get more attention if not, irritate the hell outta other road users when you use a digital buzzer.

    Oh yeah, what’s with the truck load of green ninjas? Some ninja convention going on in BKK? Check out one of em’ green ninjas eye balling you man @ 4:30. HahAhAAha :D

    Funny shit Oz….

  2. Jeremy says:

    Oz, i was staying at Rembrandt at sukhumvit and soi 18 a few weeks back! i can recognize the roads from your cam!!

    Btw, you passed a “hot” chick in a little black dress at 5:34. Your green ninjas similar to our indonesian/bangladeshi construction workers.

  3. crystallinesheen says:

    I was, like “WTF?” when I saw the ninjas as well! I really like your chest mount, Oz. I was thinking about getting some sunglasses with a camera & microphones on it to get that first-person fishing perspective…but this looks like such a better option. I’m gonna get one for sure.

    Thanks for taking us on your morning commute…first I was like, “OZ! GET BACK OVER ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE RODE DUDE!” then I was like, errr, oh yeah, Oz is in Thailand after all! :) For someone who hasn’t ever been to an Asian country, it is crazy for me to see such traffic anarchy!

    Everyone seems to be looking out for each other pretty well, though. From the looks of the traffic, looks like getting around on a bike would probably get you there faster than a car.

  4. Jason says:

    Hey Oz, do you know if there’s any stockists of go pro in Bangkok and if so where? I can’t find anything in Pattaya.
    A mate just gave me a go pro and that harness looks the biz…

  5. Alex West says:

    Yeah, people were like :
    “look out, he got a bomb strapped to his chest”!

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