Fishing At Pilot 111 With the New Shirt

Fishing at Pilot 111 With The New Shirt

During the weekend, the folks at Pilot 111 transferred a lot of the giant snakeheads from one pond into another pond that has already been stocked with giant snakeheads. With almost twice as many giant snakeheads in one pond as usual, the bite rate was ridiculous. Even topwater lures were being smashed to bits. Here’s a little video of some giant snakehead action.

I’ve recently changed the youtube channel from Bobbybicepcurls to BangkokhokerFishing. Anyway, without further adieu here is the video:


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9 Responses to Giant Snakehead Frenzy At Pilot 111 (Video)

  1. crystallinesheen says:

    Wow! That was wild when the snakehead popped that lure as soon as it touched the water. That lure you are using is pretty pricey, like 15 bucks American! Looks like it works for you though, and it is always better to spend more money on a lure that works than less on one that doesn’t.

    I have been burning through the lures myself the past couple of days. My local harbor has a bunch of of 20-30 lb. King Salmon swarming around inside the past 5 days or so, an extremely rare event. They are hitting these little Mezz spinnerbaits that are like 6 dollars each, and I have been burning through them fishing for the salmon. I actually hooked into what looked like a 25 lb’er this morning right at the bank, but I fucked up the hookset and he escaped.

    Oh well, at least you got to enjoy the snakehead frenzy! I never noticed that they had that nice color to them before. Man, I can appreciate a good looking fish. I can still see the salmon I almost caught this morning in my mind, underneath the water it looked like a glowing purple and white ghost! Well, I’ll be down there at daybreak to try again tomorrow.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Thanks for checking out the video man. How did your fishing go?

    • crystallinesheen says:

      Well Oz, I fished until I lost my last bait on snags! The salmon occupation corresponded with me being broke! I spent all my money on lures and only had 3 hookups! I am about to get some more money together, and after walking down to the site of the hot bite yesterday I saw that the salmon were still there in a frenzy.

      It sucks so bad man! There’s at least a couple thousand big ‘ol fish swarming around and they don’t want to bite anything. It is crazy! I just stand there and watch huge fish come up almost to the bank, without a desire in the world to hit any lure.

      Well, of course I am determined to catch one. When I do I will let you and your readership know! I don’t even know if you have ever tasted wild fresh salmon before, being in Thailand, but let me tell you Oz, it will knock you down it tastes so good! I have made a green Thai curry before with salmon and it was fucking beyond awesome!

      Ha ha ha, just wanted to tell you some cool fishing stories man, since you have told us about so many cool fishing adventures of your own.

      Also wanted to give props to the southern fellow on your video! My accent is about the same, being from Louisiana, but it sounds like your friend is maybe from Texas? Nevertheless, I think it is cool other southern Americans are over there in Siam getting their fish on. Rock on, Oz!

      • Bangkokhooker says:

        Doc’s from New Orleans but he’s also spent some time in Florida.

        Yeah mean, Americans and fishing go together like curry and rice.

        Speaking of wild salmon I think it’s really hard to find it here considering that most of the world’s exported salmon is farmed (and dyed).

        I’m always happy to hear about your fishing stories man. I’ll keep you updated on mine!

        • crystallinesheen says:

          Oh no! Don’t tell Doc I thought he was from Texas, he’ll want to whup me! 🙂 Well, I am glad you have met some cool Louisiana Americans, Oz. We are a bunch of hunting and fishing maniacs, we can’t help it (our state is nicknamed “Sportsman’s Paradise.)

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hey, i couldn’t see the funky shoes you were wearing. What are those? 😛

    Too bad no pay pond for “Tomans” like this over here.

  3. Michael says:

    Guess I’ll have to try giant snakeheads during my next trip to Pilot 111, which will be soon. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of in Chonburi province for hard or soft bodied pla nin baits but just not available, shad but no tilapia. Doc Green must be a southern US guy. Heard him say “good grief” in the video which labels him (southern USA) and dates him (over 50). Good to know I’m not the only one here 🙂

    • crystallinesheen says:

      I’m from the south too man! I can’t wait to get to Thailand to catch a fish or two. That’s why I’m here, soaking up info from Oz here on this great website! I’m gonna be there soon, and now I know what to expect thanks to this great resource.

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