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Item name: Shimano Calcutta 700B
Item type: Reel
Ratio: 4.7:1
Max drag: 16.5lb
Weight: 538g
Line capacity: 30lb/200yd
Bearings: 3+1
Price: Approx. B8,000-9,000 (US$300)
Description:This one-piece aluminium frame baitcaster reel is really one that is not to be f**ked with. It’s strong, durable and beautiful. The aluminium body adds toughness as well as saltwater resistance. The built-in clicker and its more than satisfactory max drag makes it one of my favourite baitcasting reels for large fish like the Mekong giant catfish. Couple that with it’s low gear ratio and you’ve got yourself some serious power. However, the low gear ratio can get a little tiring when too much retrieving is involved. When fishing in Thailand, you will always see this reel being used by some of the locals like myself as it is quite a popular choice.

Due to its heavy weight, casting can be quite difficult to master at first but once mastered it can easily cast a big rum bait ball as far as any spinning reel.

The Calcutta 700B (CT700B for short) is actually the successor of the Calcutta 700. The only difference is the new sports handle on the 700B designed for more heavy-duty fishing rather than the old small little wooden handle which made fish fighting a little awkward.The Calcutta series are considered to be a classic among the Calcutta line-up.

One drawback that I have found from the CT700B reel is its screws which come loose during the heavy fights with the Mekongs which can become quite annoying. Some people would fix this problem with super glue.


  • Tough yet pretty.
  • Low gear ratio for extra power.
  • Aluminium body adds for extra durability and saltwater resistance.
  • The sports handle makes things easier than the old wooden handle.
  • Is a bit heavy.
  • Screws can come loose during heavy fights.
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3 Responses to Gear Review: Shimano Calcutta 700B

  1. Jeremy says:

    Blue LOCTITE…not the red one! It’s thread-lock glue for automotive. 😛

  2. Kevin says:

    Have you tried the Calcutta 400B? Do you think it’ll hold up to the Mekong runs?

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