Odds lure Thai made

10cm Odds Stealth Lure

Item name: Odd’s Stealth

Item type: Hard-bodied swimbait lure

Sizes: 5cm, 7cm, 10cm

Price: B350, B400 and B500

Description: I first came across this locally made lure at Kanom Shop. This crude looking tilapia swimbait lure is made from a solid resin that allows for the lure to slowly sink into the water. The 7cm one comes with a pair of owner treble hooks but the 10cm one does not.

I have found that the lure, so far, works best at lure fishing ponds where the primary bait fish are tilapia, which is every lure fishing pond in Thailand. The lure has two joints and it swims quite well in the water.

The smaller variety has a mediocre level of success with barramundi while the 10cm one gets much better bites from the giant snakehead. Barramundi fishermen would allow the lure to sink to the bottom and gently retrieve it in short intervals.

For giant snakeheads, allow for the lure to sink to the bottom and steadily retrieve the lure to swim just a few inches away from the bottom. Also thanks to its hard body, the lure is great for withstanding bites from the giant snakeheads. Although due to its shape, getting a good hookset with this lure from toothy giant snakeheads can be difficult.

The Odds Stealth tilapia swimbait is not the best for casting into the wind. Due to its double-jointed shape it is heavily effected by the wind so try to cast downwind.


  • The 10cm one does not come with hooks
  • Works best with lure fishing ponds that have tilapia as bait fish
  • Small one works for barramundi but the big one is great for giant snakehead
  • Hard body is good for withstanding bites, this lure is very durable
  • Hookset can be slightly difficult due to its shape
  • Casting in the wind can be a little difficult
Giant snakehead caught with Tilapia swimbait

Giant snakehead caught with Tilapia swimbait at Pilot 111


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