Joe K. with a Mekong Giant Catfish

Joe K. with a Mekong Giant Catfish

For the past few months I’ve been corresponding with Joe K about a possible fishing meet up at Bungsamran. Joe and his buddy run the Facebook equivalent of fishing, It’s a really cool website that allows you to share your catch reports with other fisherman around the world. I myself have contributed into making the website a little Thai friendly by adding some of the local species to their roster.

When Joe and his fiance Jacqui contacted me, they said they wanted to catch some monsters at BSR. Sure enough I brought them there and gave them a pretty good work out. Event with the foreigner double pricing, my new American friends were shocked as to how much cheaper the pond is compared to the fishing in Singapore, where they are currently residing.

It was a seriously fun day hanging out with these two. The entire day was filled with South Park jokes and references to internet memes.

Anyway, without further delay here’s a video showing some of the highlights of our day in high definition:

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3 Responses to FishAddix And Bangkokhooker Meet Up [HD Video]

  1. crystallinesheen says:

    Good times! I could watch videos like this all day. I’ll remember your reeling style when I’m there catching me a mekong, looks exhausting just watching! Nice catfish all around.

  2. Alex West says:

    Judging by his arms, he must have been like (in Arnie’s voice) :

    JA, reeling in a big fish and pumping iron at the same time, it’s like cumming twice at the same time…”!

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