“You want me to do what?” I had to reconfirm. Maybe I wasn’t hearing it right but this proposition sounded a little too good to be true so I needed Jo from 7 Seas Pro Shop to say it again. So she did, “Can you star in an instructional DVD for the pond Oz?”

Music to my ears. I was going to get paid to fish at the world-famous Bungsamran fishing pond of Thailand. I didn’t even really care that much about the pay, the fact of the matter is I was going fishing and everything was covered, plus there would be a guy to film the whole thing. Of course, I had to ask and negotiate my pay a little.
“What can you pay me?” I asked her.
“What do you want? Money or fishing tickets?” she asked back on the phone.
“Um…” I thought for a second, “how about 20 fishing tickets?”
“Let me ask the Bungsamran people” and she did. A few days later, “okay you can have it 20 fishing tickets”.


So basically I was getting paid to go fishing with more fishing and for a guy loves fishing, this was like sex on top of sex.

The cameraman and the producer was Prokik of prokiktackle.com. This world-famous independent fishing guide along with IGFA record-breaker Jean Francios Helias has seen several fishing world records broken his clients. Most of the pictures of the record-breaking fishing at Bungsamran would have him smiling on the side while his client hugs world-record Mekong giant catfish and Siamese giant carps.

Filming at Bungsamran

Filming at Bungsamran

Filming took three days and it was all done in English. In our instructional video everything a tourist would need to know including:

  • how to get to BSR through a taxi company
  • how to hire a guide when there
  • gear rental
  • the creature comforts like the massage place, the coffee shop, the lockers, tackle shops, restaurant, etc.
  • some basic tackle to enjoy a good time for those who wish to go guide-free
  • the new luxury guest rooms
  • and how to catch and fight different fish species like the striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish and the Siamese giant carp.

We should have finished the video in a day but set backs from the rainy weather (bad for filming) and the lack of a Siamese giant carp (they just didn’t bite the first two times) made it take a little longer. The third time I had my new friend Seb take the day off work to come join me so I rigged up his gear for some Mekong giants of his own to test out his new Okuma reel.

Seb with a chunk Mekong giant catfish

Seb with a chunky Mekong giant catfish

Siamese giant carp at Bungsamran

This was the carp that allowed us to finish the video.

The filming of the video is finally done but there is still some editing that needs to be done but when it is please do go and check it out. They will be for sale at BSR as well as through their website and the pricing shouldn’t be expensive.

Once again, thanks for reading!

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5 Responses to Bungsamran Fishing DVD

  1. Chin says:

    This is more awesome than awesome and I can’t wait to see the video which I’m sure will be a real hit!

  2. Alex West says:

    Congrats on a job well done. Can’t wait to see the finished work…and to see your reaction (crazy laughter) again when you finally caught that carp. HAHA!

  3. Kevin says:

    Congrats Oz! Another feather in that ever growing cap of your’s eh? Looking forward to the end product!

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