Team Bangkokhooker

Team Bangkokhooker's first group photo

It happens. Sometimes when fishing in the wild you just can’t guarantee success. I know this from personal experience. All the big trophies I have caught while fishing in Thailand were all caught by a combination of hard-earned skill and probability. On Sunday, 18th of September 2011, probability was stacked against team Bangkokhooker.

Oh yes, right, we sort of started a team by the way! We have shirts and everything, yes they are for sale domestically (until I figure out how to use Thai paypal). If you’re interested the t-shirts are sold at B250 each and the polos at B400. I’ve been selling them directly to friends and some of my readers through the Bangkokhooker Fishing Facebook page. If you are interested contact me via You can check out some photos of the shirts at

As for the fishing, we didn’t catch anything this time round, they really weren’t biting any thing. However, it was simply great to be with my friends Doc, Alex, Marcus and Seb while sharing the experience of our failure, haha. I know that if I keep trying I’ll land another trophy sooner or later. That’s how it works. For fishing, and everything else in life. So that’s why I am going again this Sunday.

It just feels great to know that from a simple little blog, it has come far enough to start its own casual fishing team.

So here is the video folks, I know there’s no fish but it’s not bad seeing the team on camera all together for the first time:

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7 Responses to Bang Prah Trip: A Day With No Fish (video)

  1. It was disappointing not to catch anything, but it was still a good day, proving that a good day’s fishing is just as much about good company and a nice setting.

  2. Kevin says:

    For the initiated, there can never be a bad day of fishing :) Getting your line and lures wet beats sitting in the office pushing pencils hands down….ANY DAY!!

  3. Don Jackson says:

    Men are wired, differently. Our brains have “nothing boxes” and fishing requires the ultimate “nothing” mode, so it makes no ultimate difference whether you catch or not. In the nothing mode you can have fun just doing nothing.

  4. crystallinesheen says:

    All right! Good to see friends going off fishing. No matter how good we all are, sometimes the fish just don’t bite! I look forward to the further adventures of the BangkokHooker fishing club, maybe I can make a guest appearance when I make my Thai visit in a few months.

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