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This past Saturday (August 27, 2011), Team Bangkokhooker went for our weekly fishing meet up. Our spot: Pilot 111. Why? Because we just wanted a chill day of lure fishing for the best value. At B500, ten different ponds and seven different species to catch with lures, it’s already one hell of a sweet deal. Sure we could be going to one of those B50-100 barramundi ponds but then we’d get bored after the third fish due to the lack of variety, besides I personally have an addiction to snakeheads of all types. And now, there’s a new reason to go to Pilot 111: their new guest rooms

Having been there so damn often, the owners invited the team and I to go check out their newly-constructed guest rooms. Five beautiful, fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms right on the barramundi pond each equipped with a fridge, a HD TV, a DVD player, satellite television and pretty bathrooms.There is also a small little dining table outside the room on the veranda looking our to the barramundi pond.

After a very successful morning of fishing we decided to go and enjoy our lunch at those rooms. We made our order from the restaurant: prawn tom yum soup served in a hot pot, minced pork omelet, stir-fried vegetables, a barramundi I caught earlier prepared into deep-fried breaded nuggets and a pot of rice to share. While we waited for the food to arrive we cooled off in the air-conditioned room while talking about our catches. And oh boy did that air-conditioner make a huge difference to our well-being. Nothing beats the fatigue from a five-hour exposure to the hot Thai sun than a solid rest in an air-conditioned room followed by an icy cool drink. By the time lunch came around, we were fully rested and ready to eat.

Anyway, here are the rates for the rooms:


1. Day-stay (6am-6pm), no sleep over – B2000 per room. One room accommodates 4 guests.

2 Night-stay, check in noon and check out noon the next days – B3000 per room. Room accommodates 4 guests and there will be complimentary breakfast for 2.

3. Private Friday, usually Pilot 111 is closed on Fridays but guests who stay over night on Thursday can fish privately on Friday. – The rate is B5000 and it includes the room for 4 and free fishing for 2.

* However, though it says that one room accommodates 4 guests, in reality there is only enough beds for 2 guests. Some of the rooms come with 2 single beds and some with one double bed. They may have more bedding options if you call in advance.

For more information call the numbers below.

086-316-8773 or 083-898-8783


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    Aaahhh…looking at all that food makes me hungry again!

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