Several sizes of the Rapala Minnow Spoon

Item name: Rapala Minnow Spoon
Item type: Lure
Length/Weight: 6cm/10g, 7cm/15g, 8cm/22g and 10cm/32g.
Price: Approx. B200 (US$6)
Description: The first time I saw this lure being used successfully was when I went fishing at Bang Prah reservoir with my friend Doc Green. It was a lure that had been sitting in his box for several decades. The lure he used was 6cm with the fire tiger colours. This lure worked ridiculously well in the heavily vegetated areas, better than the scum frog. The metallic weed guard works like a charm and on average would come undone a lot less than all the other soft-bodied frogs we brought along.

The colour selection of the lure on the product website is vast boasting all the basic colours of the Rapala company.

The fact that its body was constructed of solid metal also greatly improved its casting distance. It would easily go three times as far as any frog lure or buzz bait in our possession while ignoring all wind resistance.

While testing this lure out Doc successfully hooked and landed a jungle perch as well as a giant snakehead with ease. Later at a different venue Doc found similar success with some striped snakehead. In the reservoir, this lure worked really well as the fish usually bite down with full force as opposed to the more educated fish of a fishing pond.

The retrieve for this lure is also really easy. Once the lure hits the water, immediately reel back steadily through the thick weeds for best results.

The Rapala Minnow Spoon is usually used in colder climates for catching pike but it seems to work fine with the Thai version of the pike, our giant snakeheads. Unfortunately, the lure has been discontinued by Rapala and it has become somewhat of a collector’s item. I only managed to buy some online from other lure vendors that still have it in stock like this one (


  • Casting is amazing.
  • Works very well in heavy cover.
  • Gets bites from Thai predator fishes.
  • Cast out and retrieve steadily through cover for best results.
  • Lure is somewhat of a collector’s item and is a little hard to find.

Doc with giant snakehead and the Rapala Minnow Spoon

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  1. Alex West says:

    ALRIGHT! IT HAS ARRIVED!! Looking forward to try them out!

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