Hi everyone, it’s been a little while since we last met how’s it going? A lot has happened in Bangkok since. One of the cool things that happened was the elections. Unfortunately, our dear pimp, Chuwit Kamolvisit, did not become Prime Minister as expected but his party did manage to secure a total of four seats in the house of Representatives. Thaksin’s sister’s Phuea Thai party won the most seats making her Thailand’s first female Prime Minister while the Democrats won the next largest amount of seats. The best part about it all was the campaign posters that came out AFTER the elections. To show that there are no hard feelings many political parties came out with pictures of party leaders thanking the public for their votes. This included Phuea Thai, the Democrats and even Chuwit. I think that’s what this country really needs, an end of a division and a cooperative move forwards. By the way, look how majestic Chuwit looks here in the banner he put right outside Chuwit park.

"I am serious"



A heartwarming reunion

My mom has a total of three brothers who she grew up with in the slums of Kuala Lumpur. From oldest to youngest there is Michael, Mervin, my mom and Kok Siew. Uncle Michael lives with his family in the United States while uncle Mervin and Kok Siew lived in KL. Once every few years my mom would do her best to organise a big family reunion for all of us to meet up, which can be exceptionally difficult when one of the brothers lives on the other side of the world. The last time we met up was in Koh Samui back in 2009 where I caught my first ever stingray.

5 dudes, one stingray

It is always fun to see my cousins, especially uncle Mervin’s son, Zenon and uncle Michael’s son, Brandon. The three of us have no brothers (Brandon’s an only child, I have a sister and Zenon has two) so when we are together it’s really a big treat for us to temporarily see what it’s like to have brothers and be boys again. Suddenly, there’s someone to play Playstation and watch Epic Meal Time with!



Day One, a day with the boys

On Friday, July 8, 2011 I took the day off work to show my cousins some barramundi fishing with lures.The night before we practiced some basic casting and fish fighting techniques in my garden as preparation.

With Pilot 111 being closed on Fridays I took them to Bor Num instead. The last time I was at Bor Num was with John ages ago where he taught me how to fly fish for the first time. Ever since then I’ve rarely made my way back there simply because I got addicted to the striped and giant snakeheads of Pilot 111. However, at only B150 per rod, we had a really sweet morning catching barramundi for one good reason: Bor Num had recently released a whole bunch of fresh young barramundi, all around 1-2kg size and all have never been caught before. In other words, the fish were all very naive, hungry and aggressive.

Another thing we did the night before was watch the SNL song/skit “Throw it on the ground” by Andy Samberg which Zenon took a great liking towards. He liked it so much, he couldn’t stop singing random verses from the song like:

At the farmer’s market with my so-called ‘girlfriend’
she hands her cellphone, she said it’s my dad
Man, this ain’t my dad, IT’S A CELLPHONE!
What?! You think I’m stupid?
My dad’s not a phone! D’UH!”

At roughly every three minutes Zenon would sing a verse of this song. “THREW IT ON THE GROUND”, he would sing as a fish would take the rubber shad he threw in and miss because he was too busy singing about throwing things on the ground. Still, despite his absent-mindedness, he’d still be landing the barramundis over and over again.

We started fishing at 7am. By 11am, we’ve already landed over 30 together with about 20 more additional bites. One of the barramundi made its way to pond’s kitchen to be steamed in a traditional Thai lime sauce.

By noon, we called it a day to escape the scorching heat for the sweet embrace of an air-conditioned home and some Playstation 3.


Fish on for Brandon!

Brandon’s barramundi


"Should I throw this on the ground too?"

My turn!

A good article to read

Speaking of barramundi and fishing ponds I recently read a very good article about the future of fish farms and the barramundi being one of the stable protein source for the future. It is titled, “The End Of The Line” by Brian Walsh and it is the feature article in the July 18, 2011 issue of Time Magazine. Check it out if you want.


Day 2, muscle and sweat

The day after was even hotter. This time it was both the boys along with both their dads. We headed off to Bungsamran to catch some Mekong giants. Armed with two fishing rods, I became their fishing guide for the day, meaning that the success of all five fishermen (including myself) would be dependent on just me.

The day was a slow one but definitely a successful one. I managed to get everyone to land at least one Mekong each which meant that they all landed the biggest fish of their lives that day. It was a stupidly hot day but I was kept entertained by Zenon who was still “throwing things on the ground”.

I’d be making a bait ball and Zenon would say, “you should take the bait… AND THROW IT ON THE GROUND!” Followed by Brandon saying something along the lines of, “LULZ”.

By 3pm we had each landed a Mekong. Uncle Michael even managed to get one to bite a bait ball that he made. It was a successful day full of boyish stupidity.


Uncle Michael's Mekong

Brandon gets a Mekong!

Zenon: "How do I hold this? Forget it... I'm THROWING IT ON THE..." Me: "NO!!!"

Uncle Mervin's perfect pose with a Mekong


A few days later they left Thailand. I was left with an empty feeling and the sound of “THROW IT ON THE GROUND” randomly echoing in my head from time to time.

See you next time guys!

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6 Responses to Fishing In Thailand: Fishing With The Family

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey Oz,

    Hope all is good with you. No better way to spend quality time with the family than to go fish eh? I SOOOO agree with that!

    The results are even better if they’re not fishermen as any catch would normally be a new record for them 🙂

    By the way…just wanted to give you an early heads up, I will be making another trip to BKK in late November. Maybe this time we’ll be able to meet up.

    Cheers buddy.

  2. crystallinesheen says:

    Glad you’re back Oz! I’m really stoked that you had some good fishing times with your family. My dad is coming out from Louisiana to visit me here in Cali next month, and I am excited to take him out to do some ocean fishing. There’s a nice little place out on a local fishing wharf that rents out little skiffs, you pay like 75 bucks to run it all day long. You can roam over like 5 miles of ocean, it is a hoot!

    By the way, how do barramundi taste? We just don’t have them over here in this hemisphere, I’ve never caught or tasted one. I really like the idea of catching a fish and having it prepared on site for you! Do they clean your fish as well?

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Thanks for reading man!

      Barramundi is really tasty. It’s a firm white-fleshed fish quite similar to john dory and is very flexible in the kitchen.

      Yeah, a lot of barramundi ponds would give you the option to eat your fish on the spot. Just catch the fish and then they’ll do everything for you from cleaning the fish to preparing it into a tasty meal.

  3. Alex West says:

    Zenon: “How do I hold this? Forget it… I’m THROWING IT ON THE…”
    Me: “NO!!!

    Correction :

    Me: “NOooaaaoaoa”!!!
    Zenon : “NOW”???
    Me: “NOOAOAOAOA”!!!
    Zenon : “NOW”???


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