Looks like everyone’s getting into the River Monster/Monster Fish/Fish Warrior craze! Cha-am Fishing Inn just added their own predators pond stocked with all sorts of exotic non-native species including: arapaima, alligator gar, tiger shovelnose catfish, black bellied pacu, red bellied pacu and several other species.

For B3000 fishermen can catch these exotic species with fresh bait. If you’re thinking about fishing at the predators pond be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

Tight lines folks!


First cast, first fish. The alligator gars dominate the pond.

one of the rarer tiger shovelnose catfish

and who can forget the arapaima?

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4 Responses to Fishing In Thailand: Cha-am Fishing Inn’s Arapaima Upgrade

  1. crystallinesheen says:

    Nice catches! Let me tell you, that shovelnose catfish is a supermodel of the catfish world. It is one good looking fish! That arapaima is awesome as well, it is up there on my species list of fish I want to catch.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Thanks for the comments!
      If you come to Thailand you’ll find that the arapaima is getting very easy to catch as more and more ponds are stocking them. Soon enough they are going to become a local species like the tilapia haha.

  2. Kevin says:

    The Ara looks pretty sexy Oz. Will definitely give the Amazonian predators a go but at this point in time, BSR is still my addiction :)

    I’m still hoping to land the elusive Willy at BSR. Do you have a guesstimation on how many Willy’s they have?

    Tight lines bro!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      haha I’m not even sure how many fish they have in there but in terms of ratios of Willies I think it’s about one in every 30.

      Tight lines!

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