Hi folks how’s it all going? Been catching any fish lately?


The power of the internet and making friends

The internet has many awesome usages (besides porn). It’s ability to connect people is by far unmatched. I write about my fishing stories on this humble little blog and I get to make friends with fellow fishermen all over. And, for some bizarre reason, my attempt at recreating chef Suzukis recipe for shimesabe has been reposted on a Russian food forum so this website occasionally gets visits from Russian non-fishermen too. The power of the internet sure is epic. Try to imagine blogging with just homing pigeons, that’s a lot of friggin’ bird poo!

Today I finally had a chance to fish with my friend Koji, an international businessman who brings along his fly fishing gear to just about wherever he goes to catch all sorts of awesome fish species, (check out his blog here: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/flyfishinginjapan). A few months back, Koji and I met up in Bangkok over a beer. We didn’t have a chance to fish together due to our schedule conflicts. However, this time round Koji was once again back in town for business and this time, we were both free to do some fishing!

So, to keep things convenient, we headed to Pilot 111.


Just couldn’t catch any barramundi!

For some reason on this windy, dark cloudy day the barramundi just weren’t biting on any of my lures. What made it worst was the fact that there was this couple beside me catching them non-stop by slowly retrieving 7cm rubber shads at the bottom. No matter how much of their methods we emulated, we all failed to copy their success.


The giant snakeheads

On the other hand, the giant snakeheads were very responsive to my tilapia swimbait. I caught a total of seven with the largest one weighing in at 3.44kg.

Koji masterfully landed some giant snakeheads of his own with his beautifully crafted homemade floating minnow fly.

How is this even handmade?!


Fishing the giant snakeheads made me realise something: due to their boney mouths hooks can be shaken from their mouths quite easily, and this is especially true to treble hooks. This piece of information will definitely come in handy for next week’s trip.


Fish on!


You're mine now!


3.44kg giant snakehead


another one!


Doc Green and I, out on the platform looking for that lunker


Fish on for the fly fisherman!



Koji's first ever giant snakehead.


All for one

All in all, today was a fun day. Doc Green, Koji and I all had a splendid time pulling out giant snakeheads from the water and the lack of intense sunshine was a fantastic blessing from the heavens.


All for one



Anyway that concludes my fishing report for today.


Tight lines!


Want more? Here’s Koji’s report of the same trip.

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12 Responses to Fishing In Thailand: Fishing with a Japanese Fishing blogger at Pilot 111

  1. Alex West says:

    I should have been there too!! Curses on “Murphy’s Law”! Although I did not crap blood, I was out cold! Good catches though! See you guys on Thursday at ‘you know where’! HAHA!

  2. Axel says:

    Woow, on my side Chado is THE fish to catch… so even if no barramundi, a day fishing with several Chado catches would be a great day !!!

    And yes, internet is a fantastic way to meet new friends… so I hope that after Japanese friends, you will soonest be able to report a nice day fishing with a French LOL

  3. Donna says:

    It’s amazing how fishing can bring so many people together.Great report and pics. Those SH’s – WoW!

  4. Marcus says:

    Nice, so I finally got to try out Pilot 111 at the weekend, was a slow start but finally managed to land four barramundi, which was a first for me, but have still to lose my GSH virginity.

    Looking forward to hear about your latest trip.

  5. Vincent says:

    Buddy, where to get new supply of Thai hand-made Tilapia swimbaits to target ‘you know what’ ha? I’ve two pieces that was was pulled out of my line, and taken home to show to their children. I’m out dry now, need to get new supply soon!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hi Vincent,
      I got mine from the Kanom shop and I’ve seen a few at Hatthai Fishing. You can give them a call to see if they have some in stock. The brand I bought is Odds lure but some people who like to spend a bit more money on the more expensive and more realistic one can opt for the Jackall Giron swimbaits that can be found at Seven Seas.

  6. Vincent says:

    Gee, thanks. I picked up the last two pieces of Odds at Kanom. When I went back to Kanom for more, after I lost those two pieces to Toman at Pilot111, Kanom was out of stock on Odds. Guess I’ll try Hatthai Fishing. I’ll be hitting Pilot111 tomorrow and this Sat. See you there! Tight line.

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