The first Hangover movie was awesome. A bunch of dudes waking up and trying to pick up the pieces of the prior night in Las Vegas after a drunken bachelor party they don’t remember. As they try to trace back the night of mayhem to recover the missing member of their group they form a brotherly bond like no other. It was bromance at its best.

The second installment of the Hangover 2 not only shits on the original but also on Thailand and all common sense along with it. The first film was successful because it acted on that very thin line between common sense and insanity but the sequel basically scrapped all common sense out of the window. Here are some of the ridiculously stupid scenes from the Hangover 2

Hangover Part II: same as the first but in Bangkok minus the logic.



5. Using a foreign cockroach in a country already full of cockroaches

This time round our boys wake up in a seedy hotel in Bangkok. The director, in order to establish that the hotel is a dirty place decides to place a cockroach into the first scene.

Pictured: a foreign actor.

This is a fairly standard textbook method of creating an air of dirtiness, however, it would have made more sense if the cockroach in question was not a Madagascar hissing cockroach (from Madagascar).  Was this production crew even in Bangkok? Are they trying to say that during their entire time filming in Thailand, they didn’t come across a single cockroach to star in their film? Don’t they realise that the Thailand cockroach actor’s guild would be completely appalled by the fact that they cast a foreign cockroach in a movie based in Thailand? This is as stupid as Lucy Liu playing a Japanese geisha, oh wait, that already happened didn’t it?

Being the first main scene after the prologue scene, this Madagascar cockroach is like a premonition of the shit storm of stupidity that is about to unfold.


4. Cocaine snorting Tibetan monks who take a vow of silence

Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand so you might be able to see that a film like The Hangover 2 portraying it is already a express highway to Shitville.

One of the characters of the Wolfpack encounters is an old monk (uh-oh) who had apparently partied with them the night prior to waking up with their Bangkok hangover.  For some reason the monk is dressed in Tibetan monk robes (red and yellow), has taken a vow of silence and at some point was snorting cocaine with the boys.

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug"



Firstly, Thai monks dress in yellow saffron robes. Sure we occasionally have the bad monks here but come on, can’t we at least have them dress the part and not take some fictional vow of silence? Newsflash, I don’t know anyone who has ever met a Thai monk who wears Tibetan robes who has taken a vow of silence.

My question is, why did they even bother putting in Buddhist monks? The scenes involving him weren’t even funny, just plain shocking. Here are some choice scenes:

  • The silent old monk is at one point addressed as a “bald asshole”.
  • A monkey sucking on the pretend erection of the monk followed by a character saying, “a monkey suckin on a boner is funny in any language” yeah, if you are seven-years-old.
  • In one scene the characters look at a photograph of the monk snorting a line of cocaine.



3. “Bangkok has him”

"Bangkok has him... no I don't really know what that means either."




“Bangkok has him”, a line uttered by the characters after they fail to locate Teddy (the younger brother of the Thai bride-to-be) is by far one of the stupidest things ever uttered in movie history. This line is said as the characters are standing on top of a tall building looking down on the Bangkok skyline. It paints out Bangkok to look like some over-dramatised fictional monster ready to devour the innocent and naïve. But who is this innocent and naïve person that the monster has eaten? Answer: a 16-year-old Thai national.  Bangkok has him? No, Bangkok doesn’t have him, he was lost by a bunch of idiots who couldn’t write a proper script. Saying “Bangkok has him” is as stupid as saying that “New York has him” about an American teenager. This demonising of Thailand is seriously on par with Nicolas Cage’s Bangkok Dangerous.

Bangkok can be a crazy place, I agree, but it’s not that crazy. We have our ladyboys, cheap drugs and booze, cheap women and gangsters but why would you even say something like “Bangkok has him” to begin with? Are we blaming a geographical area for the disappearance of a boy instead of the idiots that were his guardians? Nope, instead they kept repeating over and over again “Bangkok has him now”, squeezing out every ounce of cheesiness the could out of that stupid line.


2. The world’s most forgiving father-in-law


"Forgive you for making this shitty movie? Okay"



Picture this, you’re a father and your beautiful daughter is getting married to Stu, a nerdy looking foreigner who looks like he has the backbone of a jellyfish. On the day of the wedding this groom-to-be disappears and returns very late with a tattoo on his face. But that’s not all he came back with, he rescued Teddy! From who? From him! Not only was your son drugged and hungover but he’s also missing a finger!

"I cry because this movie makes no sense"



Then instead of being apologetic about everything, Stu, the tattooed dentist yells at you and berates you in front of all your friends. The question now is, what would you do?

  1. Beat the living shit out of the guy.
  2. Get all your friends and beat the living shit out of the guy.
  3. Get all your friends and beat the living shit out of the guy and his stupid friends.
  4. Nod like a bitch and accept him into the family because he insulted you in front of everyone.

Any respectable father would pick 1, 2 or 3 NOT 4 but since we’re talking about arguably one of the most insanely stupid movies ever made the father picked 4, despite the fact that he already declared openly how much he hated his future son-in-law ten minutes into the movie. He just nodded like a bitch and let this face-tattooed kidnapper into the family with open arms and a big smile. Sounds about right yeah?


1. Geography and common sense is irrelevant


"Let's drive this boat to the moon!"


Stu’s wedding takes place on a beautiful resort island with tall narrow islands peppering the landscape. This sort of scene is only found on the Andaman side of the Thai peninsula. You following me? Andaman side. Bangkok’s waterways opens up into the Gulf of Siam, the East side of the peninsula, i.e. NOT the Andaman side.

The night prior to the titular Hangover event, the boys get drunk and drugged up on the beach and miraculously made it to Bangkok on a small speed boat. Unless that little speed boat is armed with a miniature nuclear reactor and a pair of jet wings, there is no way on earth it can cross land and that 700km distance in one go.

The final scene of the movie cements all forms of stupidity into one minute. After locating the missing boy, Teddy, they only have a short amount of time to reach the wedding but how will they get there? In that very same speed boat they came in of course! You know, the one that could fly across space, time and logic! Because, at this point the audience has already given up trying to make any sense of this movie anyway!



With only a 35% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is not going to win any awards except for the Raspberries. It really is a shame, the acting was superb, the camera angels capturing the Asian City of Angels were at times just beautiful but all of it was ruined when they decided that they could simply recycle the plot from the last film, change the setting and take away all common sense. I was genuinely hoping to finally see a realistic film that truly captures the chaos of a crazy night out in Bangkok but sadly, my sense of reality could only be suspended so far before it ventures into the realm of the insanely stupid.


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18 Responses to 5 Most Insanely Stupid Scenes From The Hangover 2

  1. Alex West says:

    Whoa man,…after reading this, I will definitely NOT watch this movie! If there is one thing (or more) I hate about crappy movies :
    – cheap jokes / recycled jokes
    – making fun of the world’s most peaceful religion
    – demeaning folks of a country
    – not doing proper research on a country (the roach proves this)
    …the only thing missing in this movie to make it an all time super-duper-epic-fail is … having Ashton Kutcher in the cast. Yep, I just really really really really dislike that guy!
    Make me watch this movie, I dare you! MUAHAHA!

  2. Alex West says:

    (what’s up with the hate y’all…?)

  3. Cpt. Hanuka says:

    “Bung Samran has him..”

  4. crystallinesheen says:

    I agree with you, the first movie was awesome & I really enjoyed it. I was stoked about seeing Part 2, but after hearing a lot of bad reviews (including yours) I think I’ll just wait to see it on DVD if at all.

    Yeah, I agree with you in that movies as a whole need to do better research. I am from Louisiana in the American South, and it always galls me to see movies portraying Southerners. Nine times out of ten they have some actor non-native of the south trying to pull off Southern accents and it galls me! Not to mention that every Southerner in popular culture is portrayed as a slack-jawed idiot. Oh well, I guess that’s what we get for losing the Civil War.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Yeah it’s a shame they couldn’t have spent a little more effort on the script writing. They basically pressed ctrl C and then ctrl V and figured that the same script can apply to any geographical location.

      It’s like they didn’t even bothered to try to make sense out of the plot. Issues were simply resolved by copious amounts of yelling and logic twisting situations.

      The accuracy of Bangkok’s portrayal was absolutely crap but what really killed this movie it’s inability to have a coherent plot line. This movie has more plot holes than the entire Matrix trilogy put together.

      Brother, save yourself that DVD money, go buy some fishing gear. You’ll be much happier. Trust me on that one haha.

  5. rofl says:

    ahahaha ur such an emo this movie was just good u look to much at details u butfucking freak

  6. Speechless says:

    This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. It’s a COMEDY. It exists to make people laugh. It’s an absurd comedy about guys with a stupid hangover, not a documentary about Thailand. Who gives a flying F if the tiny cockroach who’s on the screen for .5 seconds is actually from Thailand or not?! Or if the Monks are properly robed?! If this is how you watch movies, to catch every minor detail & focus on them to the point where you can’t enjoy the essence of the film, I feel really sorry for you and your friends and family. Lighten up.

    • Brandon Fooly says:

      Perhaps people without proper sensibility or any degree of worldly knowledge may be indifferent towards the blatant inaccuracies of American cinema, but for many who posses at least a fundamental understanding of culture, geography, and so forth, these things can really detract from the quality of a film. Not to instigate, but I might assume you fall into the former category, along with the unfortunate majority of America =\

  7. Alex West says:

    Fact is, when movie producers rush to make a sequel/prequel of a successful movie, they usually FAIL! I could name countless movies which had this tragedy (but not now…!).
    However (@ rofl and Speechless), in some movies you don’t even try to catch the minor details. It just hits you “BLAM” in the face! So, now you are faced with 2 options : a) either sit there and laugh like a brain-dead zombie and let the movie have you like an ape has its way with a toad; –OR– b) let your brain actually function and take notice of these details.
    After all, that’s what distinguishes a good movie from a bad one these days, don’t it?!
    BUT…to be fair (and before we start an all out hate-blog here), I think the main issue is that when people watch this movie in the US, they don’t realize it. But for people who live in Thailand, these points are just soooo obvious.
    DISCLAIMER : This movie review was made by “a regular Thai person with a love for the angling arts”.

  8. Marcus says:

    So much venom in these comments.

    Yes there were some funny jokes in there and I personally tried not to let the inaccuracies spoil the film, and I walked out okay with it.

    Personally I couldn’t care less about size of the cockroaches. The monk thing was explained by the producers in a recent Bangkok Podcast episode. It seems that the Thai film board would not allow Thai monks to be portrayed in that manner (understandably), so they used Chinese monks.

    For me the biggest problem I had was the geography. This is what broke the spell for me more than any other and as it came at the end I walked out with a bad taste in my mouth, it just made the movie lame.

    For those claiming its just a comedy, I point you to another comedy called the Hangover. In which we see the wolfpack drive the 450Km to Vegas from LA and arrive there after a road trip in which various incidents take place over what we can assume to be a realistic time (4-6 hours) so why should it be any different in part 2 when they are on a boat and have to travel much, much further? (in fact more than 700kms as they’d have to go out of the Gulf of Thailand past Malaysia, via Singapore and back up the coast through the Malacca Straits to the Ritz Carlton in Phulay Bay Krabi)

  9. Bangkokhooker says:

    “Speechless” sure has a lot to say. LoL.

  10. Very fast to be critical of america, we are better than you, just except it and stop trying to be critical where you can be, this is all ficticious grabage and meant to be funny, not scrutinized by a babbling idiot jealous he wasnt born white. why dont you start a blog about disney cartoons, “as if mightymouse could fly”, “he’s just a mouse, they dont have wings” duh duh duh, the fact that you put this much effort into this shows me you are overweight, sitting in front of a computer and probably 4 game systems (xbox, etc) pizza boxes everywhere, cant see your own dink, never been with a girl, maybe 24 years old? acne? and wish so badly you were here. Good luck! 😉

  11. Tony says:

    The Thailand cockroach actor’s guild
    lol The poor little critters, they should sue 🙂

  12. polof says:

    I just queefed and sick came out

  13. John T says:

    It’s supposed to be an insanely stupid wild crazy film and I’m sure the writers would think you equally moronic for taking time to analyse it as you have above.

    What’s next? Star Wars? I mean “I’m your father??” What’s all that about?

    Oh and don’t get me started on Back to the Future……as if 1.21 jigawatts is sufficent to power a flux capacitor. Stupid Robert Zemekis.

    Look in the mirror and please get a grasp of reality.

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