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Happiness is a beautiful thing

They say money can’t buy you happiness. Obviously, the people referred to as “they” are not fishermen. At the end of the day nothing makes us (fishermen) happier than the joy of catching a marvelous trophy fish and how on earth can we catch that fish? With fishing gear of course. And how do we get the gear? We have to buy it! What with? MONEY! So suck on that you hemp-wearing hippy communist!

I kid, I kid. I have no beef with hippies (they’re vegetarian aren’t they?) and I’m sure they also need to shop for their hemp clothing and organic vegetable seeds from somewhere from time to time as well.

I’ve realised that for some of our foreign brothers and sisters fishing in Thailand it could sometimes be difficult to shop for tackle with so little information regarding the subject. In fact I usually see most of the information in English only on forums like with headings like “where to buy fishing gear in Bangkok/Thailand”. So without further adieu, I’ve created a section dedicated to some of the tackle shops shops in Bangkok I frequent to replenish my happiness supply from time to time. To check it out, simply put your mouse cursor on the drop down menu above to pick one of the stores.




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13 Responses to Where To Buy Fishing Gear In Bangkok

  1. Alen says:

    Tackle shop = danger zone !!!
    Fishermans candy shop where all hard earned money changes into shiny reel or super elegant rod.
    I’ve heard about 7seas shop and I think before I enter it I should be signing divorce papers :-))).
    What you said creme de la creme is the right word for it!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Haha might as well write a will while you’re at it, you never know when the significant other will go on a rampage when all the savings have magically turned into shiny new reels!

  2. Alex West says:

    Yup, and the Will should state that all your fishing gears and tackle should be left with me!!! UAHAHAHA!

  3. Kevin says:

    I have to say that 7Seas is like heaven on earth…or hell for some. Really depends on whether you mind leaving the place without an arm or a leg or even both limbs!! hahahaha 🙂

    I was fortunate enough to walk out of 7 Seas with my limbs intact when I was in BSR. It was either due to my willpower (what’s left of it) OR because they didn’t have the rod(Daiwa Phantom-spinning) that I was looking for. I sleep better telling myself it was the former 🙂

    My friend on the other hand, who coincidently was looking for the same rod stepped out of 7 Seas with a Ryoko instead. It was a very good buy nonetheless, money well worth spending. Hmmmm…I wonder if 7 Seas has got some kinda “charm” over us unsuspecting anglers? 😛

    Anyways Oz, like I mentioned before…my trip to BSR was somewhat lukewarm compared to the previous trip. The response from the plaa beuks were rather slow. From 10am till 7pm, I landed no more than 10 and all within the 20+ kilo range. No “Ha Sip kilo and above” Willys 🙂

    My friend on the other hand, managed 3 hookups which were probably bigger plaa beuks. All 3 made similar unstoppable runs. From one end to the other end of the lake, towards the floating vegetation and tangled itself either under some bamboo stilts or wooden beams. Well, at least he had the opportunity to feel the sheer power of the mighty Plaa Beuk huh 🙂

    As for me, I shall return in December in search of the elusive Willy. Hopefully, the fishing gods will be impressed with my determination and who knows….I might set a NEW record in BSR by landing the most Willys in a day!! Oz, your help/assistance/guidance/local knowledge is MANDATORY!! 😀

    Will keep you posted on my next trip in December. Will try to arrange for a weekend trip next time around so see if you can join us then.

    Take care buddy.

  4. Alen says:

    Hi guys, just payed a visit to 7Seas netshop, and I’ve seen at least 3 rods I’d like to have. I say at least 3 couse there are many of them, 2 Hot’s 2 Megabass and few Evergreen rods. And not to mention all those Japanese lures. Hope I will have pleasure to visit the store someday (soon)and after buying a Hot’s Tide Lez will land a big Mekong on it and hopefully try it also on Sails in Rompin, although I would prefere landing a sail on my Sage:-)

    Oz you’ve been there, do they prefere heavier tackle because of faster release and fish recovery or is 2 OZ rod fair enough?

    And about my last will ,if things suddenly go wrong at 7seas,I ‘ve already informed my son that daddy’s fishing stuff are his and that those stuff can be very valuable if he knows how to use them, isn’t fishing just great!?

    Cheers guys

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hahaha, I’ll tell your son that for you.

      Well as for rod selection, if you’re dealing with the Mekong giants of BSR, it is best to go for tough and heavy gear simply because they are quite adapt at snapping rods. At BSR, you don’t catch just one heavyweight, you catch plenty so durability will go a long way.

      As for Rompin, you’re out in the deep see so a 30lb rod is adequate so long as you have over 150m of fishing line for its first long run!

      And yeah, fishing is just great!

      Happy fishing Alen, maybe we’ll both walk out of 7Seas one day with our pockets empty and hands full of expensive tackle! lol

  5. Terry says:

    Siam fish hook in chatuchak market zone A room 3,4 a small shop, but has some good stuff in there. Chok Chai 4 soi 46 a small has a small amout of stuff. The best place I have visited so far are three shops all in one location. I didn’t drive there so I can only tell you the way by BTS . Go to Wong wen yai, get off,take the exit side on the left, walk down the stairs to where the motorcycle taxis are, ask for Robinson’s shopping mall, cost 20Bht. Beside Robinson’s is a small road that has three fishing tackle shops that are stocked well with lot’s of goodies.
    All I ever hear on forums is 7seas,7seas. Come on people open your eyes. We need more information about fishing in Thailand and buying goods.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. With a little more information I would gladly add your shops to the list.

      Can you provide:
      – shop name
      – operating hours
      – location
      – google map
      – featured products
      – do they accept credit cards
      – and contact information
      – maybe even some photos if you don’t mind.

      Thanks, I’m just a blogger and I don’t get paid for doing what I do so any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and fellow anglers in Thailand 🙂

  6. Alex West says:

    Yeah “Terrible Terry” (j/k), people live in Different parts of Bangkok, its not like that all of the shops have a website. 7seas is still a kick-ass shop! Haha!! And Parknum has a very good website for online shopping. Google it.

  7. abishek thapa says:

    hello guys
    i live in Nepal…one of my relative is studying in Bangkok city…i wanted to get some fishing bait (RAPALA) and asked her if she could get for me…i ordered about 10 Rapala fishing bait…but the problem is that my relative cant find a store to get the Rapala Bait..can u please suggest me the store in bangkok where my relative can buy the Rapala product (Location, Mall name, Shop name etc)…that would a great help…thankx

  8. abishek thapa says:

    looking forward for your reply soon


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