It was a hot Bangkok Sunday and my friend David had just returned to Thailand. At the time, he has yet to have an awesome day of fishing in Thailand since we first me a few months back so I figured I’d take him to Pilot 111 for some comfortably excellent fishing. It was a day that went quickly from awesome to legendary within a few hours.

On this particular Sunday trip, there was myself, David, Alex and my new friend Oat who had met me through

A good start

The barramundi at Pilot 111 on that day were on a serious feeding frenzy; the pond owner was continuously dumping juvenile tilapia into the main barramundi pond to stir up their appetite. I easily landed two of these beautiful silver predators within the first two casts with my homemade rabbit fur jig. Oat was landing some chunky ones with his silver lipless shad, David was continuously pulling them out of the water with his ginormous selection of soft plastics and Alex was busy settling an old score with the striped snakehead pond.

It was already a pretty damn good day of fishing within the first hour we were there.

Oat and his trophy!

David with the traditional bass pose!

Caught on a black and gold rubber shad

Sore arms

Then, things went from awesome to legendary when the pond owner told me this, “we’re going to restock this pond with fresh barramundi so we are cleaning out the big fish from this main barramundi pond to sell to the market today. We’re going to give you guys some fresh bait.”

Now here’s a fact, predator fish in lure fishing ponds are certainly not cautious with fresh bait because the fresh bait is usually safe for them to eat. What this means is, if I were to put a small mackerel on my hook and throw it into the water, I’ll be getting a fish on my line within the first 10 seconds. No joke. It was in every way cheating but it was hella fun and we were helping the pond owner out. Basically, we were paying a fishing fee to work for him!

For the next hour, Oat, David and I continuously pulled out trophy-sized barramundi from the water and loading them into the truck. After about 10 each we actually got bored, plus, our arms were getting seriously sore.

This is what cheating looks like!

Fish number... I dunno... 20?



Ugly orange

We moved onwards to the giant snakehead pond. Having just settled his vendetta by landing two very decent sized striped-snakeheads he joined us.

We tried just about everything in our arsenal and none of us could get the giant snakeheads to bite. It was when I decided to try this big ugly orange swimbait that I bought from Kanom shop that I saw some action. I soon landed this fantastic looking giant snakehead after a decent fight on my 12lb spinning rod.

You have weird taste Mr. Giant Snakehead!

My trophy of the day!


Bangkokhooker gets hooked

But the day wasn’t over  yet. One more event happened to finish off the day. Good old Alex somehow made a mistake in his cast and instead of sending his lure forward into the water, it flew to his left and sank its treble hook right through my denim jeans and into my kneecap.

It’s moments like these where I am glad to remember the story my dad told me about how he once had a fishing hook go through his finger. His method was to push the hook all the way through the other end to expose the barb before cutting it off to make the hook easier to remove.

I did just that with some additional steps. Here’s how it went:

1. I first cut off the other hooks of the treble hook to avoid additional hooking.

2. Then I cut around the fabric of the jeans to get to the hook (my poor jeans).

3. With some effort, I push the hook out through until the barb was exposed.

4. Finally, I cut the barb off and pulled the hook out before disinfecting the wound with some Betadine.

It hurt but not that much that much, it was quite hilarious lol.

Here’s a video of the ordeal. Don’t watch if you are the squeamish type!

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  2. Alex West says:

    “See? It wasn’t that bad!” Hahaha!!! SORRY DUDE!!!

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