A hot cloudy day at Bang Prah reservoir

A Personal Vendetta

Last Sunday’s trip (April 24, 2011) to Bang Prah reservoir resulted in Epic FAIL. It was like four crappy situations (shituations) pressed into one colossal mountain of crap.

Things were simply not going as planned. I woke up at 4:30am, from a sleepless night, sleepily went down stairs to drink some milk which was tainted by some weird solid (I think it was a spider), swallowed a piece of it and spat out the rest, went fishing in Bang Prah where I continuously lost strikes around seven times in a row, miss two opportunities at a beautiful giant snakehead momma then got caught in a thunderstorm while stuck in a row boat and in the confusion of it all I managed to leave my keys behind.

So this past Sunday the 1st of May 2011, I definitely went back there with some serious dedication. It was basically a personal vendetta. In the words of late movie trailer voice acting legend, Don LaFontaine from that Geico commercial, “PAYBACK! This time it’s for real!” (We miss you Don, the world isn’t the same without your voice).



Hunger and horniness continued

Remember how not too long ago I wrote a post titled, “Hunger and Horniness”? To sum it all up, it basically was about how fish feel the need to reproduce after rain and rising water levels. This year, for some bizarre reason the storm season came three months early and some of the reservoirs have maintained ridiculously high water levels despite it being officially the dry season!

With so much water an rain the giant snakeheads reproducing have greatly increased. During my most recent visits it was not uncommon to see at least seven schools of giant snakehead fry scatter across the reservoir.

Despite there being an abundance of fry schools there were two disadvantages: one, Bang Prah reservoir is not too far from Bangkok, Pattaya and Chonburi city meaning that thanks to the high fishing traffic the fish here were often quite educated; and two, Thanks to the high water levels the snakehead fries would often be hiding among thick vegetation making fishing for them a really difficult task.


Fortune was on our side

After a long and arduous day of casting and searching we finally found one: a fry school hanging out in enough open water for fishing, protected by some very aggressive parents.

After a few casts towards the fry, the parents made their move and circled their young and started attacking my soft frog lure. On the second attack, a large splash in the water was followed by the submergence of my lure. Then with a solid jerk I set the hook and forced the big fish out of the weeds. With the rod bent to near breaking point this fight had my heart pumping so hard that I forgot to stand up to fight the fish!

Without further adieu, here’s the video to explain the rest (watch it in youtube to get it in HD!):

giant snakehead caught and released



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7 Responses to Fishing In Thailand: Giant Snakehead Momma Caught And Released 2011!! (pics and video)

  1. Nice one Oz and like the video. And the live scrimps too. At some scenes you look like Spiderman doing some fishing!

  2. Alex West says:

    HAHAHA…’Buzzbaitinating’!!! Angelina as the Mother Snakehead!! That’s rich! Awesomeinating Video man! Two Thumbs UP! My wife also enjoyed it…(finally she can see what all the fuss is about).

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Dealing with the non empathetic significant other is an ongoing problem for fishermen that can only be alleviated through visual means like a BUZZBAITINATING video!

  3. Kevin says:

    WOoOOOT wOOooOOT!! Beeeeauuuutifullll catch Oz! Too bad the strike wasn’t caught on video 🙂 I guess you’ve now got another reason to head back and catch that Momma again eh! Sweet sweet catch! How far is Bang Prah Reservoir from Bangkok city?

    Oh yes, we’ve got the date confirmed. We’ll be headed to BSR on the 20th(Friday) and since there’s gonna be 5 rods, my friends think it’s best we use a guide or two.

    If you can make it….AWESOME! Otherwise, no worries man….there’s always next time.

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