What's that on my head there?

I just got back from the pub after waking up at 7am to go watch the Pacquioa/Mosely fight. Pacquioa won by unanimous decision but it was an alright fight at best. Anyways let’s start the post!

Many of the people outside of Thailand come to my blog to see what this country’s fishing has to offer. There are a lot of videos out there that feature the local fishing venues but none of them have a first-person view of what exactly it feels like to really be in the position of the fisherman and not the cameraman.

So with my new head-mounted camera I bring you my first proper first person, uncut video of the world famous Bungsamran fishing pond.

Enjoy and please leave a comment below if you want = )

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11 Responses to Fishing In Thailand: Bungsamran – First Person View

  1. Wow! That’s one big fish. This is my first time to watch that kind of video, and I thought you will eat that after. lol Never thought it will be released back.

    Btw, hope you didn’t pay for Pacquiao-Mosley fight, it was boring.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      LoL, no we do not eat fish that belongs to the fishing pond.

      Nope, we saw it at the Robin’s hood pub. Only money spent was on their chicken caesar wrap and lebanese wrap for lunch and breakfast which was worth it. The fight would not have been worth spending money for.

  2. Kevin says:

    Like the vid Oz. Very Chaplin-esque, especially the part where the hook got stuck in the planks, a definite “FAIL” if you were trying to portray yourself as a pro Mekong cat’ angler but it’s those random moments that make a fab video man! You could have “cover line” by claiming you were “testing your drag” or “this is not how you catch a Mekong cat” but you didn’t. Hahahahahaha :)

    Btw, was the filming angle intentional? I’m sure you’ve gained a few more followers of the fairer sex after seeing you aggressively humping your rod :) and yes….nice catch.

    The GoPro cam is pretty neat huh. It’s a bit pricey but I guess one has to pay for quality and convenience. Which model are you using and does it cost an arm or a leg in Thailand?

    Regarding out trip to BSR, we’re hoping to reach there by 9am and plan to fish till dusk or till we can’t feel our arms…whichever comes first :) A massive workout is definitely on the cards!

    Cheers Oz!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      hahaha “testing my drag” right…

      The GoPro cam is pretty awesome, it’s about B9000 here.

      You’re going in the morning on a Friday? Aiya, you do know that I am office drone right? No chance you can schedule it on a weekend or at least Friday night? :)

      • Kevin says:

        Office drone? Damn, we gotta do something to this blog of yours man. Gotta get them sponsors in and make this your full time job! You should be a self employed blogging angler by now :)

        The gang has pretty much decided that it’s gonna be a Friday morning as the weekend is left for shopping at the malls and JJ market. As for me, I might just give shopping a pass and make another trip to BSR over the weekend. We’ll see what the Home Minister has to say about that….if you get my drift :)

        Email me your contact number if you don’t mind and I’ll give you a buzz if I decide to fish during the weekend.

        • Bangkokhooker says:

          Number emailed my friend.

          And yes, it’d be nice to do this full time but until that happens I’ll be pushing pencils Mon-Fri every week.

          Hope to see you soon!

          • Kevin says:

            BSR here I come!! I hope them “Willys” are in the mood for some action man :)

            Have you ever done any personal research/studies on the feeding patterns of the Mekong giants in BSR? What I’m trying to figure out is whether they tend to feed in deeper ends of the lake or they just swim around and suck up any bait that’s in their path.

            I know getting one of the monster mofo to take the bait is a probability thing, just wondering if there’s any parts of the lake that’s favored by these behemoths.

            Otherwise, we’ll just fish from the central pier since it’s a Friday and it should be relatively clear. From most of your posts, I don’t recall you catching the Siamese Carp. Not your cup of tea perhaps?

            Hope we’ll be able to catch up man!

          • Bangkokhooker says:

            I’ve tried on just one occasion and the hook-up didn’t work out! I’ve come up with a new strategy and am waiting to give it a shot!

            Give me a call when you’re here! I don’t think I can make it this Friday but I will most likely be there this Sunday afternoon if you’re down!

  3. crystallinesheen says:

    Just discovered your site recently, and I really dig it! The first-person view is great, I am planning to come to Thailand later this year to do some traveling and fishing, and I want to get some sunglasses/camera combo from Cabela’s to wear when I am catching a big Mekong down at BSR!

    I’m just another fellow angler here in Santa Cruz, CA, wanted to give you props on a cool site. One question that I have for you, when are you going to go after the big freshwater stingrays? Man, I want to haul one of those bad boys up from the bottom!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Nice to meet you there Crystallinesheen (I’m guessing that’s not your name) and thanks for dropping in!

      As for those stingrays, well I’ve caught a small one (20kg) a while back and I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of them as a fighter. Basically, what happened was the stingray swam to the bottom, acted like a suction cup and the next 25 minutes of my life involve me just waiting for it to move again. In fact, when I waited for the damn thing to move, all I had to do was just stick the rod into the holder, sit back and talk about the weather with my team. The boat captain actually dried dropping a wrench on it by looping it to the line. No luck. Luckily for us, it finally moved on its own and the fight was on again. The next few minutes was just me heaving up this flat-bodied fish and that was it.

      I will still have to try out a giant stingray one day just for the heck of it tho so when that happens I’ll bring a camera, plenty of spare batteries, beer and maybe even a portable game console haha.

      Take care and let me know when you’re in town. I’m always down for some Mekong. I actually have a challenge I am creating for myself for BSR so you wait and see what it is!

      Oz Bangkokhooker

      • crystallinesheen says:

        Cool Oz, I will be in Thailand later this year, I will definitely hit you up man! As for the giant stingrays, of course I was inspired by the River Monsters episode. They look like a lot of work to bring up, but I want to pull up a big one just to say that I have done it. I’ve done my research and it looks pretty expensive to hire a crew to go get one of the big alien-looking jokers, but it will be worth it for the picture!

        Anyways, love this blog & look forward to your future fishing adventures!

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