The tackle show today was nothing short of awesome. Pretties (promo girls), discount gear, new concept gear and getting to meet friends both old and new was friggin’ fantastic!

Also, I’d like to recommend that if you wish to save money then don’t come to this event. You would most likely be drawn in by the sheer awesomeness of the whole event and be tempted to buy everything in sight!

Anyways here were some of the highlights from today:



It’s the age-old trick of “put a hot chick next to a product to make people want to buy it” technique and it seems to work quite well! Be it a cheap reel or an expensive boat, the stupidity of the male brain will lead the smart man to dangerously expensive paths more times than necessary! Hence, we in Thailand have pretties, beautiful women who are paid to promote products at trade shows like this one and boy are they nice to look at!

Do they come with the boat?


Fishing Simulator

Remember that little trip I went to a while back for sailfish in Kuala Rompin? Some geniuses have figured a way to turn the whole thing into a live-action video game with reel and rod! Basically this simulator was there to push the sales of the rods and the reels but the thing was surprisingly accurate in portraying a sailfish. It definitely gave me a great workout. But is it cheaper than a flight to Malaysia? I asked the sales staff about the machine’s price and he replied, “it’s around B100,000 baht”. Oh… Okay…

This skinny young man obviously has never fished against a machine before!

I'll give it a go... Hey! It's like BSR, with A/C!


Concept Gear

Like a motorshow, the TFTMA Tackle Show had a bunch of things that aren’t on sale yet. Rods and reels set to be released by 2012 were set out on displays for everyone to drool over.


Everything on the wall is concept gear. Look but don't buy... it's TORTURE!

Meeting Hajime Murata

This was by far the best part about the day’s visit. Getting to meet Shimano’s sponsored celebrity fisherman and seeing him demonstrate his ability was severely epic. In the show, he’d ask someone from the audience to stand up and stick out a finger to the side. Mr Murata would then, with ridiculous accuracy, perform an underhand cast sending and then wrapping the lure around the man’s finger. After watching his fishing shows on youtube for all these years, it was amazing to finally meet him.

Shimano fishing legend: Hajime Murata


Buying a crapload of gear!

Like I said, any fisherman at the event would easily get tantalised by all the great deals and end up burning all his earnings. Oh well, at least I’m very happy (but poor) now!

Total money spent: B10,000+





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9 Responses to Fishing In Thailand: Checking out the TFTMA Tackle Show (Pics)

  1. Chin says:

    ANOTHER reel?! LOL

    Great report (though I wish you have posted more pics of the pretties). Must make it there for the next one. Gimme an early heads up will ya Oz?

  2. Victor says:

    I flew down from Chiang Mai for the day yesterday after you posted about the tackle show last week on your blog.

    I too ended up spending too much taking home among other things a HumminBird PiranhaMAX 160 Fish Finder.

    I would say however as a westerner that the “bargin prices” – “up to 80% off” where not really “bargins” by western fishing show standards – for example the PiranhaMAX 160 I bought was on show special at 4000 baht and its “retail” in the US is 3000 baht – you can buying on Amazon for 3000 + delivery + tax which is about the same –

    Same with the International tackle brands – most quality lures at the show where in the $10 – $12 range which is full retail back home.

    I find that on most items the quoted Thai retail is a good 25 – 40% over US retail so “discounts” dont seem so amazing.

    Thats just a reflection of the small market here more than anything else.

    I agree the casting demonstration by Mr Murata was very interesting.

    Anyway back home in Chiang Mai now and keen to get out and try out some of the new kit – there is a Chado fishing tournament on the 8th of next month at Mae Ngat Dam hop3 to have it all set up and figured out by then.



    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Yeah, for us Thai folk living here all the foreign lures are marked up. Hey, retailers have to maintain a profit margin. So for us to buy American gear without the markup is already a huge bargain. From a retailer’s point of view, selling it at the original price is already going to incur deficit considering other costs like shipping, taxes, overhead and other expenses.

      I’d love to buy American lures and gear at American prices but hey, the plane tickets are expensive and I’m not the biggest fan of online shopping because I feel like I need to physically see the item in which I am about to purchase.

      Still, I’m glad you and I both spent a bit too much on fishing gear. 😀 Spending money on fishing gear always feels like a worthwhile investment. What else did you buy?

      Hope you catch a big one in the upcoming chado tournament.
      best regards,
      Oz Bangkokhooker.

  3. Alex West says:

    Epic show…looking forward to next year’s TFTMA. You were not the only sucker that day…although I spent a little less than 10K…walked out as the proud owner (remains to be seen) of a QUANTUM Smoke PT150 baitcast reel! Light as a feather, strong as an Ox! Trophy fish to follow…(Oz has denied me that chance…!!) ARGH!!

  4. Alex West says:

    NAAAOOOO!!!…(as in “NOOOOOO”…)

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