There was a time when fishermen had the painstaking duty of learning the difficult task of casting accurately into specific areas in the water to attract fish but with the Patriot Bait Boat it just seems too easy.

The Patriot Bait Boat is basically a remote control boat that can also drop your line and a ridiculous payload of bait into the water at the press of a button all for a meagre price of £299.99 …. yes, that’s right. Hard earned angling skills practiced by our fathers can now simply be bought for a price.

This next video is a perfect example of man learning how to whoop mother nature with her own ass. The video features New Zealand kite fishing where a fishing line is floated high into the skies by a kite. The fishing line is attached to a large wheel reminiscent of the kind of wheels you use to reel in your garden hose. The angler in the video then attaches 25 baited hooks (the legal limit in NZ) before sending them into snapper territory.This just seems more like commercial fishing than recreational.

A boat that drops bait and line for you and a kite/hose wheel combo that catches the legal limit without having to break a single sweat. If we’re letting nature and electronics do all the work then is there still any fun left in the fishing process or do people only care about the catch these days?

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